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The Trademark


Qualità Reale is a certification communication philosophy aimed at companies who wish to offer in-depth information regarding their organisation and individual products so the market and consumers can make better-informed purchases.

It is a solution that has been deliberately designed and calibrated to meet company requirements and help them explain issues that are often complicated by the widespread distribution of inaccurate information.

In brief, this philosophy is a vast, certified, multimedia container designed to contain everything we wish to communicate to and update for the market.


qualità veganaQualità Vegana also applies this philosophy of overcoming the deceptive aspects of opportunist fashions when communicating with the vegan world.

The éQ studio srl owned Qualità Reale and Qualità Vegana trademarks have been created to allow companies whose mission includes top quality, to provide that kind of guarantee  without the standardisation of pre-established regulations.


Qualità Reale Disciplinary Qualità Vegana Disciplinary



This is the vast multimedia container that backs up the certification philosophy we spoke about in the previous section. It is an entity that operates in remote, so operators do not need to actually install it. The archives are located in a server that is protected against data loss and other accidents,  and they can only be accessed by entering a password structured in a certain way. So the information they contain can only be viewed by those who have the right of access.

The cloud can be used to distribute information both to and from the company.



The concept of certification is extremely simple: a third party organisation (so with no financial interest in the certification process) assesses the conformity of a certain thing in relation to a set of established regulations.

In the case of standard certification the certain thing is the product.

In short, the company’s goal is to comply with these regulations, so the trademark that identifies the product as certified can be applied. The regulations are the same for everyone.

PROS: easy to make comparisons between products from different countries.
: the main aim is the right to use the certification trademark for product communications. There is also the risk, however, that when this goal is reached, the company may lose interest in improving further.

A new type of certification developed by éQ studio srl involves communicating and updating product features and history and having these elements checked and certified by a third party. These regulations are specific for the company and product in question. They are Qualità Reale and Qualità Vegana type certifications too, so updating product information is indispensable.

PROS: the goal is to achieve the highest level of product quality as the product will be the focus of continuous communications.
CONS: this kind of certification is only really suited to top quality products.